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In spring 2021, CityDance DREAM became The VIVA School of Dance, and now operates as an independent division of CityDance, a non-profit dance education and performance organization serving the national capital region.

The VIVA School of Dance, located in Washington, DC, is a small and selective pre-professional school that works to eliminate barriers of access to high-level dance training. With a goal to diversify and increase representation in the field of dance, the school prioritizes creating opportunities for students of color to develop as skilled and confident dance artists. All students attend on full merit scholarship.

Established in 2005, CityDance DREAM shared dance with thousands of Washington, DC students through free after-school dance classes, summer camps, and professional dance performances. Through these experiences in the community, we were inspired to envision a place where talented students could train in dance at the highest technical level, surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities and free from barriers to entry. After several years of piloting key curricular components, the CityDance DREAM School was birthed as a pre-professional training school, prioritizing the creation of opportunities for students of color to train in dance at the highest technical level. In 2017, the school formally opened its doors on U Street, and a new day began. 


Over the past four years, CityDance DREAM School has become a leading pre-professional dance school, both here in Washington, DC, and across the country. Now under our new name and re-positioning as The VIVA School of Dance, we are excited to deepen our commitment to identifying, nurturing, and training talented dancers. Our curriculum is unique, targeted, and specific, focusing on creating a culturally rich and diverse training experience that prepares our students to lead at the next level. 


At The VIVA School, students thrive in a rigorous and nurturing environment where they are encouraged to discover the length of their physical, mental, and emotional capacity, the height of their possibilities, and the depth of their power. Our students are the next generation of artistic leaders and globally-minded innovators. Their ideas and their brilliance will inspire, innovate, and engineer a new era of creativity and produce the representation we need in our society.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Photos by Taylor Mickal Photography