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We are thankful for the corporations, foundations, government agencies and individuals that have provided generous financial support to The VIVA School and our barrier-breaking initiatives to pioneer a new model of equity in the arts.

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ArentFox Schiff

Ballast Research

Bank of America

B&M Steel


Capri Investment Group

Cornerstone Government Affairs

D&P Creative Strategies

English Hudson Consulting

Entertainment Software Association

Graham Holdings Company

IGC Pharma

Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)

Lee’s Flowers and Card Shop, Inc.


Monument Advocacy

National Football League


Precision Strategies

Stewart Strategies & Solutions

Tiber Creek Group

United Airlines

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Washington Gas, an Exelon Company

WestExec Advisors



Barbara Epstein Foundation

The Bender Foundation, Inc.

The Community Foundation for the National Capital Region/Arts Forward

Cornelia T. Bailey Foundation

Dallas Coors Morse Foundation for the Performing Arts

DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities

DC Housing Finance Agency

Dimick Foundation

Fight For Children

Fund II Foundation

George Preston Marshall Foundation


Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation

Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation

Philip L. Graham Fund

Share Fund

S&R Evermay

Venable Foundation



Jaime and Pilar Aleman

Kimberly and Pedro Alfonso

Elizabeth Bagley and Conor Reynolds Bagley

Hillary Baltimore

Victoria Murray Baatin and Rahsan Baatin

Lisa Barry

Congressman and Mrs. Megan Beyer

Sherry Bindeman and David Khan

Bruce Blayblock

Don Braden

Katherine and David Bradley

Patrice Brickman

The Honorable Ann Brown

Doris Brown

Jane Brown

Jason and Melissa Burnett

Susan Burt and Dr. Robert Woolfitt

Susan and Dixon Butler

Carl M. Freeman Foundation

Mark and Linda Earley Chastang

Mignon Clyburn

The Collis/Warner Foundation

Marcy and Neil Cohen

Je’Cole Cole

Elizabeth Corro

Gregory Craig

Richard Creighton

Caroline Croft

April Delaney

Margaret and Gilbert DeLorme

Charmaine Dittmar and David Gang

Florence and Ethan Dmitrovsky

Olivia Donaldson

Donna Eacho

Grant Epstein and Lynn Hackney

Dania Fitzgerald

Cherlyn Freeman-Watkins

Patricia Friedman and Blair Levin

Ann and Tom Friedman

Debbi Galiber

Betsy and John Geise

Donna and Bruce Genderson

Seth Goldman and Julie Farkas

Marguerite Bailey Graham and William Graham

Karyn Greenfield

Darryl Hall

Bonnie Hammerschlag

Jennifer Hara

Karen Harmon

Crystal Harris

Albert Hicks, MD

Dana W. and Robert G. Hisaoka

Yolanda Holmes

Nadine Horenstein

Alethia Hughes

Kim and Fred Humphries

Sarah Meeker Jensen

John Jones and Kim Dustin

Yolanda and Dale Jones

Joan E. Kane

Joseph E. Robert Jr. Charitable Trust

William and Cynthia Kelly

Kay Kendall and Jack Davies

Malini Kohli

Carla Labat

Sara and Chris Lange

Amy Lear

Deborah Lebbin

Susan Leigh

Willee and Finlay Lewis

Eve A. Lilley

Dr. Michelle Loewinger and Ambassador Howard Gutman

Karen and George Marcou

Winona Lake Massie

Lisa Mayer

Kim and Gerry Mayfield

Jodie McLean

Andrea Messina

Xiomara Metcalfe

Marlene Moss

Parveen and Ram Mukunda

Maria Murphy

Jacqueline Neal

Omar Newland

Jaclynne White Nnawuchi

James Pair

Shawnita Pair

Craig Pascal

Catherine and David Pickar

Linda Potter and Tim Shriver

Eden Rafshoon

Kristen Randolph

Susan Rappaport

Missy Reingruber

The Robert & Mary Haft Foundation, Inc.

Tommie Robinson

Denise Rollins

Cecilia Royster

Chase Rynd

Kim Samuel

Pamela and Dick Sauber

Martiena Schneller and Thomas Seid

Gail Schonfeld

Colin Shah

Peter Shields and Ace Werner

Jeanne and Mark Shriver

Alison and John Shulman

Lisa Siegel

Carolyn Simmerman

Meryl Silverman

Marie Sippel

Serra Sippel and David Grosso

Deborah Smith

John Sonnier

Peggy Sparks

Jeanne L. Specchio

Emily Spitzer and Eric Lewis

Ruth Sorenson and Family

Elizabeth Stevens

Brian Stewart

Margot Stephenson-Crawford

Jeff Stoiber

Angela Stribling and Ken Washington

Paula Sweeney

Andrea Syphax

Devin and Lauren Talbott

Karen Thomas

Cheryl Randall Thomas

Jamie J. Thompson

Kim and Rewi Thompson

Dolly Turner

Cary and Andrew Umhau

Reginald Van Lee

Lorna Potter Walker

Rachel Weller

Katharine Weymouth

Gretchen B. Wharton

Carol and Tom Wheeler

Stephen and Liz Whisnant

Cliff and Debbie White

Ann Wiley

Arlene Williams

Anton Wilson

Rochelle Zeidman


Community Partner of the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts

Laurel Springs School

Performance Plus Physical Therapy

TDA Prep


If you notice an error in a listing or would like to learn more about supporting The VIVA School, please contact Tobi Okanlawon, Development Manager, at or 202.506.7252.

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